I remember sitting in the dining area of a restaurant. I had just left a doctors appointment and my 7-month old was finally asleep. I had not eaten all day and the hunger pains would not allow me to wait any longer. I had not heard from her father since I was three months pregnant and I was hurting. Hurting because I did not know what I had done to him to be left alone to raise our child. Not a phone call, not a text, no money, no food…nothing. So many thoughts going through my mind coupled with shame and hurt. My own self pity rehearsed exactly how much I deserved to be here…alone. Trying not to cry in public, I began to cough as if to clear my throat. I glanced across the dining area and saw a beautiful woman, enjoying her meal, completing a conversation on the phone. Her hair was nice, her nails were done, her makeup was flawless and she looked to be completely put together. I thought to myself, she must not have a care in the world.

Almost done with my meal, the woman approached my daughter and I. She goes on and on about how cute my baby is and how she has always wanted a little girl. She begins to share her journey of motherhood with me. I saw a transformation and a mirror in that very conversation.

“My sons father ain’t sh*t! He wouldn’t even buy my baby formula. He had the nerve to move to Atlanta and got remarried when my son was 6-months old. The muthaf*!^~r ain’t never been there for me or my son and as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t call his a*s for sh*t anyway…”

The more she talked the more I began to see. The flawless makeup was just a cover up. The nice hair was really an old wig, her nails needed a fill in and she began to completely fall apart before my eyes. I interrupted her as she was talking about her sons fathers “new b*#ch,” I asked her a question and her answer literally changed my life forever. I asked her, how old is your son? She replied, “14-years old.” In that moment God showed me my future if I allow the expectations and let downs in life replay and rewind in my mind. It was in that moment I asked God to take me through the process of healing and deliver me from hate, bitterness, and hurt and I asked HIM to start with my mind.

This journey has not been easy. Some days has been better than others and yes, some days I felt like giving up and fighting a few people including myself. From weight-gain to depression I was there. God is leading me and I am allowing him too. He has placed a circle of women around me who embodies: wisdom and imparts life. Women who would not allow me to become a baby mama, but had the courage and patience to teach me on how to be a Mother and a woman. I pray you enjoy this page. I pray the testimonials, blogs and forums, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest posts help you see the world outside of your hurting heart. I hope this page helps you on your own journey of healing. I welcome your feedback and look forward to all of your testimonies.

Never a Baby Mama, I Am the Mother of Your Child. Be healed and be a healing balm to someone else.

Never A Baby Mama

Mission Statement

This page is intended to assist women on their journey of healing, and maturity. Society has created the term “Baby Mama” to categorize some women. This term holds no value and is used to diminish a woman through condescending disrespect and devalue her self-worth as a Mother.

Though accepted by most, our intention is to reverse the acceptance of this term “Baby Mama.” In this endeavor we also aspire to assist in better communication between both parents, not by male bashing or being judgmental but by acknowledging short comings within us all and to seek better ways of communicating for the sake of our children.

Through quotes, testimonials, resources and life applications we will learn techniques in becoming wiser, self accepting, better friends, and making peace with hurtful situations from our pasts. For the sake of ourselves and our child(ren) journey with us as we remind the world of our purpose…NEVER a baby mama, I am the Mother of your child.

Lets be empowered together. #IAmMovement

If you have any questions or would like to contact us personally please send us an email at: support@neverbabymama.com

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