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A Village Requires an Invite

I was reading through my journal and ran across a particular situation I experienced in my life. At the time my daughter was in daycare and it was challenging paying for her tuition weekly on one income. Though I was blessed to have the help of family and friends, if your like me you understand people have their own lives and responsibilities. I just don’t want to be a burden on anyone is what I say to myself. Most people respond if I call because I never call anyone unless it is an absolute emergency. I must really, really, really need you in order to pick up the phone and tell my problems; at least  I used to be this way.

This particular time my daughters daycare balance was accumulating and I just did not have the funds. I thought about it, I tossed and turned in the bed, I prayed about it, stressed out about  it and then it came to me…just ask.

Well when I heard this I begin to speak in the atmosphere and call money to cometh unto me right now! I began to speak into the atmosphere, ask and thank God for the answer, and even saw myself handing the money to the daycare director with a balance showing paid in full. I was thinking positive on 100! Later that evening I heard the voice again, “just ask.” I knew I had already done that so I knew it could not have been God asking me to “ask” him again. I changed my prayer approach and began to seek out why I was in this position, what am I to learn from this situation and how could this issue become my blessing.

I picked up the phone and I sent a text message to a woman I have maybe met 3 times in my life at this point. I sent a message to my daughters aunt.

I informed her of my daughters need and I reminded her, though my family and friends are available my daughter has family too. My daughters family should not only be there when she is having a birthday party and holidays. They should also be aware of needs and concerns that affect her. Not only did her aunt thank me for reaching out to her, she also commended me for contacting her and praised me for being an awesome mother to her niece. She apologized for being a selfish aunt and stated she has been praying and asking God to change her to be better. She was thankful that I called her and wanted to know where to send the payments, (of course I gave her my daughters daycare director name and number, her friend of the court case number and her savings account for deposits).

Some of my friends frowned on me at first, and had I thought about it a second longer I probably would have never reached out. Pride is your enemy. Pride is not a friend. If Pride is preventing you from speaking up and asking questions for fear of how you will be perceived, then how will you overcome obstacles in this life. Everybody need somebody. Though my daughters father is not capable that doesn’t mean my daughter does not have a healthy bloodline. My daughter village grew that day.

The elimination of pride is necessary for advancement. Yes the saying is true that some people wait on the opportunity to talk about you and ridicule you when they know you have a need. Yet, there are some people who are praying for God to use them just like you are praying for a miracle. Your answers are just waiting on you to ask, listen, then have the courage to be led.

~Never A Baby Mama

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