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Ms. Sherilynne Dorsett

Never a Baby Mama 1st Conference Call – Finding Your Happy Place: Life After Divorce

Live Rebroadcast ~ Monday September 8th @ 9 PM E.T.  If you are having difficulty accessing the call please try again. You may also contact us at the back up line due to the call volume at: 951-262-7373 key in the access number 712-432-0075 then code  913078   NEVER a Baby Mama will host our Live Rebroadcast on Monday September 8th at 9 PM ET. Please join us as our special guest: Ms. Sherilynne Dorsett share her journey through heartache…
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Be Better

A Village Requires an Invite

I was reading through my journal and ran across a particular situation I experienced in my life. At the time my daughter was in daycare and it was challenging paying for her tuition weekly on one income. Though I was blessed to have the help of family and friends, if your like me you understand people have their own lives and responsibilities. I just don't want to be a burden on anyone is what I say to myself. Most people…
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I Challenge You!

Recently I had a conversation with few friends of mine. We were discussing some of the challenges we face while taking care of our families and sometimes overwhelming circumstances that continue as never ending cycles. Between getting up early in the morning, getting the kids ready, going to work, picking the kids up, grocery shopping, dinner, homework and all the other things that happens in the course of a day most of us found it very difficult to even recall…
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Thank You

In advance, I would like to take this time to thank you for visiting this page. As I mentioned, God has truly blessed me with a circle of women who has helped me through some of the most difficult challenges in my life. I truly believe if every woman had the opportunity to have a complete circle of awesome women who could encourage, support, share their testimony, offer resources and pray; many women would not fall into mental challenges of self…
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michelin man

Deal with Challenges like a Pro

When he wants to act like a baby daddy take a picture of him and send it to him! Now you and him both can have a good laugh. Ask him if it would be best to discuss whatever the issue may be, at another time. Praying for better communication and maturity for the fathers and mothers of our children! They see you, they hear you and they love you both. The father of my child acting a stone fool!!!!!…
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