I Challenge You!

Recently I had a conversation with few friends of mine. We were discussing some of the challenges we face while taking care of our families and sometimes overwhelming circumstances that continue as never ending cycles. Between getting up early in the morning, getting the kids ready, going to work, picking the kids up, grocery shopping, dinner, homework and all the other things that happens in the course of a day most of us found it very difficult to even recall the last time we actually sat on the side of the bed and thought about or did absolutely…nothing.

Your day-to-day activities may be much more or less intense but no matter where you find yourself in the course of a day, I would like to challenge you! You don’t have to keep a journal unless you choose. You don’t have to track your progress or even set reminders on a calendar – this challenge is just that simple.

This challenge omits social networks, cellphones, television, children, spouses and yes your favorite book!

I challenge you, to take 15 minutes every single night before bed to do something specifically just for you. Your 15 minutes may include though not limited to: picking your toes nails, staring in the mirror admiring yourself, absorbing self inspired positive energy directed to you and only you. Whatever you decide be sure that this time is totally spent loving on YOU.

My mentor shared with me something that I know I will never forget. She shared something someone once shared with her. “It is unattractive for a woman to give from an empty cup.” How powerful! In essence she was saying to me, you can take care of the house, siblings, parents, employer, business, the cats and the dogs but if you forget to replenish yourself with the same measure of love and attention you are giving to everyone else, eventually you will begin to give from a place of tiredness, unstable emotions, misdirected decisions and you will miss the most important goal of all; you will forget to take care of YOU.

I challenge you to take the time to enjoy yourself at the very least, everyday.

#bebetter #beempowered #NEVERababymama

~Never A Baby Mama



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