Ms. Sherilynne Dorsett

Never a Baby Mama 1st Conference Call – Finding Your Happy Place: Life After Divorce

Live Rebroadcast ~ Monday September 8th @ 9 PM E.T. 

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NEVER a Baby Mama will host our Live Rebroadcast on Monday September 8th at 9 PM ET. Please join us as our special guest: Ms. Sherilynne Dorsett share her journey through heartache to happiness. Sherilynne’s journey is sure to help you ‘find your happy place’ when getting through a divorce.

Many women, when ending a relationship, tend to find themselves in depression and battling thoughts of failure. Unfortunately, some women live in this state for years. Their silent hurt is shown in their attitude and their own fears of ever finding love again keeps them from enjoying life, NOW.  Truth is, some women really don’t know how to get out of this space in life. Some women are either too full of pride to admit they need help or just too ashamed to even ask. I know this conference call will help them. I know this conference call will help you. Let’s be better together.

Sherilynne is a divorced single mother of two children; her 18-year old daughter attends Western Michigan University and she has an eight year old son. She is part of the leadership team at a prominent health insurance company in Detroit. Sherilynne believes in the empowerment of women. She admits,

“Getting to this happy place was not easy. It was a process that took me through a whirlwind of emotions and drama. The choices you make in your journey through the process will determine when you will reach your happy place. Every woman’s journey is different but in the end, the goal for everyone should be the same…getting their life back on track. Once you reach this place you can begin to do the things that make happy and allow someone else to love you.”


I am honored to have met such a strong woman who has been a model of a triumphant new beginning. Please set your calendar, call your friends and plan to attend ‘Never a Baby Mama, I Am the Mother of Your Child’s Live Rebroadcast with Ms. Sherilynne Dorsett.

Conference Call: 712-432-0075; Access code 913078

Talk to you all Soon!

~Never a Baby Mama~

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