Thank You

In advance, I would like to take this time to thank you for visiting this page. As I mentioned, God has truly blessed me with a circle of women who has helped me through some of the most difficult challenges in my life. I truly believe if every woman had the opportunity to have a complete circle of awesome women who could encourage, support, share their testimony, offer resources and pray; many women would not fall into mental challenges of self defeat and would discontinue cycles that fail to bring them peace. I understand that there are some women who may not have a circle and there could not be a better time then now to create one!

I have discovered one thing about the term, “Baby Mama” it does not discriminate. Both unwed mothers and wives have similar experiences when parenting their children and find themselves parenting solo. The weight of hurt and shame is one thing; the mental defeat we do to ourselves in secret is exactly what needs to be addressed for proper healing and growth. We need one another. I pray you find comfort and support in the circle of women and men sent to this site. Various topics will be listed and if you have some information that will be helpful to someone, please share it, someone may need it.

Thank you again for your participation…

~NEVER A Baby Mama, I Am the Mother of Your Child

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